Aim Cupid’s Arrow…at Yourself

1 Mar

Above: Graffiti on the side of Jo’s Coffee in Austin, Texas. Can you smell the roses? The conversation hearts? The CHOCOLATE(Oh my!) and other temptations? Yep, Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

It’s been said that Love conquers all. While I believe that’s true, I obviously believe that Health conquers all as well. As far as I’m concerned, the two go hand in hand. If you love yourself, you’ll give your body the respect to treat it to a healthy lifestyle. If you are healthy, you will be able to love others and yourself fully and truly. This is a cycle and I don’t think that you can have one without the other. Love is wonderful, but if it’s not a HEALTHY love, what’s the point?

On a personal note, I have found love and respect for my body through various support systems and programs, including the one that I coach for. It has not not always been that way. Unfortunately, I didn’t always care that much about what I ate or how I treated my body. However, I found that once I started eating more healthfully, I was able to think more clearly, become more productive, and focus more on the things that matter most to me: my friends and family.

Cupid works in mysterious ways. Whether or not you have a Valentine this year, it is important to love yourself first, and the rest will follow. Work, kids, and everyday responsibilities can have a way of driving us nuts. Instead of dwelling on negative things in your life , count your valentines.Find those people in your life that bring love and light into your life and tell them just how much you love them.


How to exercise (without even realizing it).

1 Mar
I am the first person to tell you that I don’t like “working out”. Who does, anyway? We first need to change our language. “Working out” sure sounds like WORK, doesn’t it?

Here’s a fact: Exercising can be hard. It can be frightening to think about!

[Here’s an even better secret]: It doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can burn calories while having fun and boosting endorphins. Here are some suggestions for how to do so.

  • Have a Party (guests optional)

Do you or does a friend have a Wii or Xbox Kinect? These consoles are incredible and the games to go with them are fun, exciting, and sweat-inducing. Try Just Dance, Wii Sports, Dance Central, or any other game that keeps you active. What an awesome way to compete against your friends (or yourself) while movin’ your body!

  • Bowl ‘O’ Rama

Have you bowled lately? You haven’t? Well, why not?

Bowling is an easy and fun way to burn cals. Try the cosmic bowling at your local alley and dance to the music without feel self-conscious (it gets nice and dark in there). Try not to use this as an excuse to drink white russians all night (Big Lebowski fans, anyone?) ;). If you do, you’ll be taking in way more than you are burning off.

Concerned about price? Check your local bowling alley for specials on certain off-weekend nights. My local joint has awesome unlimited bowling deals on Tuesdays and Sundays.

  • Try a Class

Yoga, Zumba, BodyPump, Pilates, Kickboxing, Water Aerobics, Spinning. Do any of those classes sound interesting or fun to you? Yes, most of these classes cost money, but you can most likely take any these for a free test spin.

Gyms such as Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness let you try their clubs free of charge, which can really give you an idea of which classes, if any, are a good fit for you. If neither of these gyms are near you, check out the local gyms in your area for their trials and class offerings.

Gold’s offers free 7-day passes for new members. Find a location near you at:

24 Hour Fitness offers free 3-day passes for new members. Find a location near you at:

  • Join a club or a league

Were you the star of your little league soccer team in elementary school? Do you get excited about the thought of hurling balls at an opponent and in dodgeball? Check out your local sports clubs and organizations. I personally have made countless friends and memories playing in an adult kickball league. Not to mention that it actually takes athleticism and practice!

  • Pumped up Kicks

If you’re like me, the thought of running is intimidating. If that’s true, walk, don’t run. Put on those walking shoes and your favorite tunes and get out the door. Walk the dog, walk the cat, walk yourself. Punch in a tune that gets you groovin’ into the Pandora app on your phone or make an exercising playlist with Spotify. If he weather is cold or rainy, wear layers and start moving. You will be warm in no time and that much closer to your fitness goals!

I hope that this helps. Feel free to e-mail me at



1 Mar

It’s probably one of the first words that you learned as a child: Water. Whether you call it “wawa” like the 2-year-old version of yourself, “H2O”, or just plain “water”, you know it’s good for you. It aids in digestion, keeps your skin supple, and we’re mostly made up of it anyway. Yet, sometimes is just seems so bland or hard to drink.  As a society we continue to shy away from it in lieu of high-calorie, sugar-ridden fruit juices and sodas. I challenge you to drink more water, starting today. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Get a water filter.

Filters come in various shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing. They make your water taste more pure and remove chlorine and other heavy metals from your tap water. Whether on your faucet or in your fridge, filters are an economical way to know that your water is safe. PUR even makes flavored filters in case you need a boost of flavor.

  • Know your temperature preference.

For me, I’m a room-temperature kind of chick. I’ve found that in situations where I’m forced to drink ice-cold water, I drink way less of it. That brings me to my next point:

  • Plan ahead

If you don’t know how much water you’ve had, how do you know how much more you should drink? Planning ahead allows me to make drinking water easily. Invest in some sturdy BPA-free waterbottles with the oz. clearly marked. Fill them up to the amount that you need (I’ll address this next) and “VOILA!”, you’ve taken the guesswork out of the whole thing. Planning ahead also allows me to let my cold water from my fridge cool down to my temperature preference (see above).

  • Know your needs

The amount of water that you need per day is dependent upon a number of factors. If you’re not sure where to start, try taking this simple quiz to find out:

  • Liven it up with Citrus

Fresh lemons and limes are perfect calorie-free additions to water. Go bold, go big, go citrus.

Hopefully this helps all of you water-loathers out there. Raise your glass (or a BPA-free bottle) and drink up!

Imagine yourself living a healthy life…

1 Mar

What do you want for your life? 

Have you achieved all of the goals that you once set for yourself? Have you become the person that you’ve always wanted to be on a physical, emotional, and mental level? Most of all, are you happy?

These are all questions that people probably don’t ask and you and you certainly don’t ask yourself. Or maybe you may ask yourself these questions everyday, wondering why you are lacking something in your life. If you’re at either of those extremes (or somewhere in the middle), I want to help you get where you want to go. We all deserve health and we all deserve to be happy.

Maybe your health is bringing you down. If so, you probably know most of all that if you don’t have your health, it’s hard to have much else. Health is all encompassing and if it’s in jeopardy, it has the power to control your life instead of you.  Maybe your health is in danger, but you don’t know it yet. Maybe you’re just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I hope to inspire and motivate both others and myself through this blog. We all need to share and support one another. We all need to visualize what we want and then communicate it to both ourselves and to others. Let’s talk. We’re all in this together!

I hope to share health articles, links, videos, pictures, and insight to help you along the way. Feel free to contact me at

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1 Mar

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